Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Constipated Little Man

My poor little guy has been sick the past few days. Weasley started puking on Tuesday. I came home to find a nice lovely pile right by my black pumps, with a splash of puke on the heel. I thought to myself, “You’re lucky your cute, Wease.” No biggie, I cleaned it up and didn’t think much of it.

Wednesday night rolls around and I find another mound of puke. It was nice and wet, so I knew it had to be recent and that I didn’t miss it from the night before. Again, didn’t think much of it, and went about my nightly business.

This morning, Weasley is waiting patiently at the sink for his first drink of water (the little fucker refuses to drink from the cat fountain I bought him). I turn the faucet on, and he begins to drink the water. I head back to my room to finish getting dressed when I hear this awful hacking sound. I run back to the kitchen, and Weasley has just puked in the sink. He hasn’t even eaten breakfast yet. Now, I’m starting to worry.

I call the Vet and get Weasley an appointment for that morning. I leave work to head home (stupid me, should’ve just called before I went to work, so that I wouldn’t have to commute all the way down to work). The Vet decides to keep Weasley and run some blood work and take some x-rays.

Turns out the poor little guy has a backlog of really hard stool trapped in his big intestine, which I guess is causing him to feel sick and puke. He must have a lot of shit stuck in there cause he’s still been pooping every night.

The Wease received an enema and was sent home with some fiber pills and some high in fiber cans of food. The blood work should come back tomorrow, so hopefully nothing else is wrong with him. He also came out with a quite expensive bill. Now he really needs to start earning his keep! And there goes my vacation for Q3.

He’s a bit out of it right now, but hopefully he’ll be back to his playful self by tomorrow. Poor kiddo, being constipated is just no fun.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random Thoughts Pt 2 ...

  • Suggestions I have gotten on how to end things with Mr. NiceGuy.
    - Text message or e-mail him
    - End things on the phone
    - Go out for coffee and tell him in person
    - My personal favorite (thanks Bogey). Tell him that I feel a brother/sister connection with him (If you’ve seen that cell phone commercial with the dropped calls, you know what I’m talking about).
    - Stop returning his phone calls and do the fade out.
    I need to call him, but will probably end up putting it off another day.

  • I really need to finish the current book I’m reading before the release of the new Harry Potter book. I do not want there to be a large gap in between the two books. I’m halfway through my current book with a little less than a month to go. I should be ok.

  • My goal is to cut back my spending. My last few credit card bills have been over $1000 and needs to go down to $500-800. To do this, I must start bringing in lunch and making dinners. I’m only allowing myself one lunch out and one week night dinner out. If I can do this for the next three months, I think my money situation will be back on track and I can start saving again.

  • Apparently Mr. Weasley has put on some weight. He’s developing a bit of a poouch. This has got to go. He needs to look sleek and stunning for the Harry Potter release party. I’m only slightly kidding.

  • Speaking of Weasley, he is not doing his job with the bug killing. I found two spiders roaming the apartment, one right in front of Weasley, and he let it live! Start earning your keep, Wease!

  • I finally figured out where I want to get my next tattoo. It will be on my left foot, at the heel, right below the ankle. I saw two girls that had tattoos there and it looked sweet. Now I just need to decide on what I want tattooed. I kinda want a Siamese fighting fish to represent my Thai background and my Pisces sign, but have yet to find a design I really like.

  • It’s amazing how three weeks of not working out has affected my body. My clothes feel snugger and I can see the weight back in my arms and tummy. I’m getting a FUPA (fat upper pussy area) again. Ugh, I need to get my fat, lazy ass back to the gym.

  • I also need to start eating better and not inhale Taco Hell and McDonald’s like it’s my job. I no longer have the metabolism of my early 20’s. Le Sigh.

  • Ok, so last time I complained about Rhianna’s song “Umbrella,” well now I love it! When I hear it, I turn up the volume and sing along, especially at the “ella, ella, ella” part. She’s freaking hot!

  • I made dinner last night and it was good! I had some chicken, frozen vegetables and stir-fry sauce and combined everything to make a meal. I am very proud of my efforts. And my friend enjoyed it also. She didn’t even need Tums!

  • Seriously, it is officially summer now. When is summer traffic going to start? I am still sitting in 45-60 minutes of traffic. Shouldn’t people be on summer vacation by now? Geez.

  • I went to see Phantom of the Opera on Sunday with Kiah, and it was amazing. I need to download the soundtrack onto my itunes. I keep humming “Music of the Night.” I would love to see this on Broadway.

  • I cannot wait for my massage appointment on Saturday. I have been carrying so much tension in my upper back and shoulders and scheduled a deep tissue massage. I really want the masseuse to work out the knots. It’s going to be heaven.

  • This quarter has been quite crappy, but my Mountain region just renewed at 100%! At least I have one region that is doing well. Central is only at 30% and I doubt it will rise by much between now and Friday. Hence why I am blogging, to take my mind off the misery that is Q2. It does not look like I will be getting a bonus. Dagger.

Monday, June 25, 2007

RockStar Productions (I stole the title)

I know, I know, I have been slacking with posts. Its end-of-quarter time, so its mad hectic at work and I'm really stressed out. I'm actually having nightmares about work and sometimes nightmares about past jobs. So needless to say, I'm too pooped to write about what's been going on. Perhaps during the middle of the week, I'll get around to posting a bit. In the meantime, Kiah made an awesome video of our rafting trip. Its really cool. I just saw it and there are some cool shots of us taking the rapids, and of another boat completely flipping over (wow, didn't realize how bad it was until I saw the video). So CLICK HERE to watch RockStar Productions.

Thanks again Kiah for doing this! It was Siiilly!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Introducing Mr. NiceGuy

I have such relationship/commitment issues. Those closest to me tell me that I have more guy-like tendencies than girl. I’m all for casual dating and not looking to get too serious with anyone. I enjoy alone time and hate when people make demands on my free time. It freaks me out when a guy starts to talk about future plans because I think he’s moving way too fast. And I seriously don’t know how to date nice guys. My appetite tends to run towards the dickheads.

I briefly mentioned in a previous post that there was this guy at my friend’s wedding who wanted to ask me out. He actually called me and we have gone out on four dates thus far. (From here on out, I’ll refer to him as Mr. NiceGuy.) There is nothing wrong with Mr. NiceGuy, except for the fact that he’s just too nice. What the hell is wrong with me?

So far he has done everything right by normal dating standards. It’s so refreshing – he actually calls when he says he’s going to! And that’s really sad that I think that is so refreshing. He has paid for all of our dinners (I do insist on paying, he won’t let me). After each date, he sets up the next date right then and there (which actually I don’t mind since I’ve been a social butterfly as of late, so it’s better to set up the next date right away or I’ll never fit him in my schedule). He has been a perfect gentleman and has made no sexual advances toward me.

We are able to have steady conversations that are interesting with no awkward pauses or silences where we grasp for subjects to talk about. He’s just really super-dooper nice, and I’m not attracted to him at all. There is no chemistry or sizzle. I’m not eagerly anticipating his phone calls and I don’t get excited for our dates. It really isn’t him, it’s all me.

I bet the minute he tells me that he thinks we would be better off as friends; I’ll get all crazy and be like, “What do you mean, you no longer like me? Why don’t you like me?” The second he starts to shit on me, I’ll be all over him. It’s a sad, sick cycle that I have. I love the chase; I’m addicted to the chase.

So far we have gone on four dates: three dinner dates and one movie date. Last night was our fourth date. During our conversation, I found myself purposely trying to ruin the date, or at least his image of me. The subject of children came up, and I mentioned how I hate kids, but still want my own, and refuse to be a stay-at-home Mom. He’s a freaking pediatrician and loves kids.

I also reveal how I had dinner last week with some girlfriends, three of whom are married, and how I realized I’m not at that point in my life where I want to be married. I told him the thought of getting married right now freaks me out. His response was that people just move at different paces and its ok.

I knew I was trying to scare him away. I could see him analyzing everything I said to him, trying to decide if he wanted to stick around or run in the opposite direction. I felt like such crap for doing it, but once I got started I couldn’t stop my thoughts from pouring out. Mr. NiceGuy took it all in stride, letting me ramble on and on completely understanding my thoughts and opinions.

And it really was a nice date. He dropped me off (he actually makes the effort to pick me up, unlike some other guys I know) and we said goodbye. We have yet to kiss, which I’m ok with, and he has yet to be inside my apartment, again I’m ok with that. I told him to have a fun vacation and to call me when he gets back. Dagger, I should’ve just said to have fun and left the calling back part up in the air. Cause I really have no interest in him romantically. I think we could be great friends.

Maybe I am reading way too much into this and perhaps he doesn’t like me at all and just enjoys eating out as much as I do.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"I'm going to suprise all my friends tonight! How, by being sober? Yes!"

I have seriously been slacking here. I actually still wish I were on vacation. I came back from South Beach on Sunday, and shit hit the fan. I have been dealing with the fall out since then and have been too drained to even think about blogging. Since its not my drama that has been unfolding, its not my story to tell.

Enough of the melodramatic. Miami was so much fun! It was so good to hang out with Shama. I miss that girl with all her craziness and my life is a bit dull without her in it on a regular basis. She always knows how to have a good time and is always the life of the party. It was awesome having Jessie come down too. Even though she lives in Virginia, we hardly get a chance to hang out. The three former “Hotties” got to relive their Hot 99.5 promotion days of clubbing and drinking.

The first night I got there, Shama took me to Espanola Way, which is this cute little street full of Spanish inspired restaurants and shops. It does not feel like you’re in South Beach at all. It’s more laid back and chill than overcrowded Ocean Drive. It’s the perfect atmosphere to drink mojito’s, dine on delicious tapas, and catch up on the past six months.

The next day Jessie flew in and we got our party on at Mansion. Can I just say that I’ve outgrown the club scene. While Shama and Jessie were having a good time, I was just over the whole affair. I hate being in a crowded club, where people keep pushing and shoving you just to walk by you. I hate having to scream to talk to the person next to you. I’m getting old. But I did hang in there with the youngin’s and stayed out till 5am!

The next day we hung out by the pool all day. Shama’s place is amazing. Its called “resort-style” living. Her pool in freaking fantabolus. There are two pools: one with a tiki bar and the other is huge infinity pool with sweet lounge chairs surrounding it. We ended up hanging out at the tiki one, laying on the sandy beach area. The pool overlooks the bay, and it is just beautiful.

Later on that evening, Shama had her birthday party at The National Hotel’s pool bar. A bunch of her record rep and radio friends came out for it. It was a perfect night for it. We hung out on the lounges and then hit up this place called Satay (or something like that). This place was sweet. It was outside and had this gorgeous water pond with cushy benches surrounding the water. Man, clubs in South Beach blow away clubs in DC. It was very zen-like.

Jessie, Sima (Shama’s cousin) and I could not hang with Shama that night. We ended up leaving her at around 3am and headed back to her place to crash. Ms. Shama did not come home that night and Jessie and I were leaving early Sunday morning to head back to DC. We were about to cab it to the airport when Shama calls us and tells us she’s ten minutes away and would be there to take us. Le sigh, so typical of Shama. At least she celebrated her 25th b-day in style.

Miami was awesome and I’m glad I finally got down there to see her. Shama has become one of my closest friends and I miss her immensely. And its so much fun when Jessie, Shama and I all hang out. They are my crazy party girls and I do miss those days even though I can’t hang like I used to. It was a much-needed vacation from work and life. I got tons of sun and felt so refreshed and relaxed when I stepped off the plane.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sun and Fun, Here I Come

I am heading down to South Beach tomorrow to visit one of my favorite people's in the world. Ms. Shama-lama is celebrating a birthday and I'm going down to help her celebrate. As a last minute suprise guest, Jessie, will also be joining us. I cannot wait. Its going to be so much fun. I haven't been to SoBe in over 2 years, and I'm looking forward to sitting on the beach, catching some sun and gawking at all the beautiful men. I hope I can keep up with Shama. She's a party girl, and I'm semi-retired from that scene. I haven't hung out with either Shama or Jessie in what feels like ages. Good times will be had by all. See ya all next week, where I'm sure there will be pictures and fun stories.

And a big goodluck to Best Friend Ever. She is taking her boards tomorrow. Did you know that an 8 hour exam? Geez, talk about your brain being fried afterwards. I know she'll do the bestest.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Rants and Raves

Insurance companies are the biggest scams ever! They provide no service whatsoever, and instead just suck money right out of my bank account. Anytime I have to file a claim it takes months to get it paid. Not to mention the endless phone calls between the insurance company and me arguing over who should pay for it. Over half of my claims have been denied this year. Why am I getting money taken out of every paycheck if the insurance company refuses to pay for my coverage? What exactly are they covering? The fucking insurance card that has no clout.

Today, I went to pick up my prescription of Allegra. It was a refill and I had called it in a few days ago. I was informed that insurance wasn’t covering this. Are you fucking kidding me? I ask, “Why not?” No answer, just that the code came up that insurance wasn’t paying for this. I’m fucking pissed. When I got it filled the first time, there was no problem, no red flags in the system, so not sure why this time is any different. My doctor has given me unlimited refills until next year and yet insurance would rather have me suffer nasal congestion, sinus headaches, and itchy eyes because my medicine costs them too much money.

I fucking hate them. This means I will spend all of tomorrow morning on the phone with my insurance company, arguing with someone for hours on end about this. I fucking need to marry someone who has a better insurance plan than me or work for the fucking government to get a good plan. Next time I meet a guy, the first thing I’m going to ask him is, “Who is your insurance provider?” And if his answer is United Healthcare, then he can move right along.

Seriously, Where is he?

Ok, so I’ve been crazy work out girl lately, partly because it’s a great stress reliever and bikini season is already here, but mainly because I have become a stalker. There is this guy at the gym that I constantly stare at whenever I work out. I noticed him back in March of ’06, but recently have been obsessively staring at him and looking out for him every time I go to the gym.

Kiah calls him “Crazy Work Out Guy” because this guy is insane! Seriously! During the winter, he’ll be wearing a sweat suit and going hardcore on the treadmill, sweat dripping down his face for at least 40 something minutes, once he’s done that he hop onto the Stairmaster for another round. And he doesn’t even look tired. It’s intense, but I love watching him. I’m mesmerized watching him. During the summer, he runs outside before he even comes to the gym to work out. I’ve nearly collided with him when I left the gym one night, and he was coming back from a run, drenched in sweat. OMG, so freaking hot.

He’s caught me staring at him a bunch of times. And the big dork that I am, I quickly look away, horrified that he’s caught me. And then I’ll glance back at him to stare some more. Not once have I ever gone up to him to say hi. I’m too much of a pussy.
So instead, I steal quick glimpses at him, hoping he doesn’t notice me.

But in the last two or three weeks, I have not seen my Crazy Work Out Guy. I keep going to the gym in hopes that he’ll be there, but nada, nothing, diddlysquat. Where did he go? Did my obsessive staring finally scare him off? Maybe he’s on vacation or maybe he hurt himself running or maybe, dare I even voice it, he’s joined another gym?! I mean, seriously, where is he? My gym workouts have not been productive at all because I spend way too much time looking in the mirror to see if he’s coming up the stairs.

And seriously, what the hell kind of stalker am I? I’m not very good. I don’t even know this guy’s name, how the hell am I supposed to google him or find him on myspace. I don’t know where he lives, or what he does for living. I have no idea what he does on the weekends or even what kind of car he drives. I don’t even have a picture of him to make a shrine in my bedroom. The only thing I know about him, is that he likes to work out a lot, or at least he used to. Seriously, where is he?

****Disclaimer: I really don’t stalk him. Ok, maybe a little*****