Sunday, December 30, 2007

Did I Miss Christmas?

I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Things have just been really hectic over in Kim’s World with work and the holiday season. Christmas crept up on me and then was over and done with it before I even got to enjoy it. I was back to work the next day with my nose on the grind and I still have to work tomorrow to close out the quarter. I barely have time to catch my breath here.

Even as I sit here trying to gather my thoughts, I have a mental list in my head running over all the other million and one things I still need to get done.

Things should slow down for me once the New Year hits. I still can’t believe Christmas has come and gone. I wasn’t so much of a humbug this year and tried to embrace the holiday spirit. Instead of bitching and complaining about Christmas, I just kept my mouth shut. I don’t think I really got excited, but I didn’t whine either. And for me that’s a huge step in the right direction.

Maybe if work weren’t so crazy I would’ve enjoyed it more. Or at least had time to appreciate the fact that Christmas was actually here.

I did spend the holidays with my family and it was low key and perfect. I brought the Weasley over and his grandparents spoiled him rotten. I even got them calling him their Grandcat (Sadly, I don’t think my parents expect much from me in that department and my Mother regularly calls me a spinster or old maid.) We opened presents, had a nice dinner and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a great Christmas.

I should be posting my Year in Review and Reflections blog soon, and by soon I mean sometime this week.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Living it up in NYC

Hmm, so its been awhile since my last post. Same old excuses: not enough time, end of the quarter, tired and lazy, and add Christmas shopping. During my absence I was up in New York City for the weekend.

My friends and I were supposed to go up and do the Holiday Touristy thang, but instead ended up partying and drinking the weekend away. It was me, Best Friend Ever, and some other friends and we stayed with Best Friend Ever's Future Ex-Husband, Kevin. We didn't make it out into the city on Saturday until 4pm and all we saw was the tree and then headed back to warmth since it was butt cold.

Here are some of the highlights from my weekend in NYC:

  • I KO'd Sharon and Vicki in Wii boxing. I'm currently the undefeated champion and Sharon is demanding a rematch. Bring it on Girl, and I will KO you again! By the way, I really want a Wii for Christmas. It's mooooneeey!
  • We went to this awesome club called Stereo, where the music was poppin. Every song was hot. I haven't danced the night away in ages and it felt so good.
  • Sharon wanted to get one of those stupid drawings of herself where your head is really big and you have a little body, and it looked nothing like her. She was so excited to sit there in the cold for this shady Chinese man, and when we went up to look at it, the drawing did not resemble her at all. We said the drawing was her alter ego, Sharona, and Sharona's a bit of a whore. And we also thought it was really funny to take a bunch of pictures with Sharona.
  • Saturday night we stayed in cause it was sleeting and we are poor and played numerous rounds of Asshole and Fuck you pyramid. I was only Asshole once, but also only Dictator once. I don't believe in democracy in Asshole, there is no VP, only me.

Overall a great weekend and exactly what I needed to feel refreshed. Friday night I was able to burn off a lot of the stress and Saturday I was able to relax. Enjoy the pics.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Love a Good Holiday Party

Hooray I survived another company holiday party! This year I brought Best Friend Ever along as my hot date and chaperone. Cause clearly, I needed a chaperone. So no inappropriate drunk dialing on my part. I did drunk dial a friend or two, but nothing inappropriate.

Me and Best Friend Ever

This year was fun, but I think I had more fun last year. Probably because I was a lot drunker last year and didn’t end up in my own bed at the end of the night. What are you doing to do?

Most of my night was mingling and trying to flirt with one of my co-workers. I have developed a crush on him, but this guy is not getting the hint. I don’t know how many coy remarks I have dropped, but he still hasn’t officially asked me out. We went out for drinks last week and have been chatting on-line ever since, but no real progress from that. And I know I could ask him out, but I refuse to. For once I want the guy to be the aggressor and not me. So instead I have continued to flirt and drop innuendos to no avail.

Me and Two Fellow Co-workers - note crush is not in any pics

I thought I was reading the signs correctly, but maybe he’s just not that into me (ugh, I really hate that phrase, but its so true). Maybe he’s just really shy or maybe he has no clue I’m flirting with him. Or maybe it was the face I made when someone asked him if I was his girlfriend (OMG, its coming back to me).

My company is huge; in our corporate office alone we have over 600 employees. I only know a handful of people. We were talking to someone in his old department and he asked him if I was his girlfriend. I remember making a face and him saying I work for the company as well. I don’t know if he caught my face. I hope he didn’t. Dagger. I don’t think it was the idea of him being my boyfriend, I think I was more embarrassed that I was being obvious and coming on to him. But then again, anytime I hear the word boyfriend, I do make an involuntary gag. I need to learn to control that.

Keila and I

I probably didn’t utilize the party to my full advantage, but again, I do not want to be the chaser, and I think I have dropped enough clues for him to figure it out. And I hate being the center of gossip, so I didn't want to draw too much attention to the two of us (not that I think anyone really noticed, but still).

The party was fun and I didn't make an ass out of myself, so I would call that a success. On a random note, my navigation system got lost on the way to the party, and the bitch made me go in circles. I kept screaming at her, "Do you know where you're going? I bet Garmin wouldn't get me lost!"

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday Lights

Oh my God, this is so cool. My friend posted this on my myspace page and it rocks. You need your volume on for the full effect. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I am America (and so Can You!)

If you’re a fan of The Colbert Report, than you’ll love I am America (and so Can You!) by Stephen Colbert. The book is an extension of his thoughts in print form and it is freaking hilarious.

When I first started watching The Colbert Report, I thought Stephen was egotistically, pompous, rude, annoying, and clearly narrow-minded. But the more and more I watched it and realized that’s exactly what the show is all about, I was hooked.

Colbert talks about what makes America great and what is currently ruining America. He hits upon subjects such as family, the media, religion, sex, dating, homosexuals, race, immigrants and so much more.

Every chapter is laugh out loud funny. He even adds little asides by having footnotes and margin notes that are hysterical. I like the book because it’s an uncensored version of Colbert that you just aren’t able to get on tv. He holds no bars and lets it all out – too funny.