Sunday, February 25, 2007

Captive of My Desires

I love me a good trashy romance novel. Johanna Lindsey is one of my favorite authors in this genre and I have read almost all of her books. I actually started reading romance novels back in middle school. My Mom read them and I started to sneak-read them late at night because my Mother thought I was too young to be reading them. She was probably right, but I love them!

I am more of a fan of the historical romance books than the modern days ones. It’s more fun for me to escape into another time period where romance was still alive. And the historical novels are quite accurate regarding facts and I get some of my best Jeopardy answers from them.

Captive of My Desires follows one of my favorite families – the Malory’s. Lindsey has written numerous novels on individuals within this family and they have become fan favorites. This book follows the dashing sea Captain, Drew Anderson, whose sister Georgina, is married to James Malory (for their love story you can read Gentle Rouge ). Drew is in London visiting his sister who has a houseguest – the beautiful Gabrielle Brooks.

Gabrielle is the daughter of a pirate (haha, I know, but still love them despite the cheesiness) and is in the market for a husband. Her father feels she will find a better match in London and asks the Malory’s for their assistance. Of course her and Drew are instantly attracted to one another. Drew is a notorious rake with a “sweetheart in every port” and is not looking to settle down ever. And so the cat and mouse games begin. Maybe this is why I like the chase so much. I have been reading about it since I was 11 years old.

Captive follows the typical romance plot. Gabby and Drew deny their feelings for one another. They end up in a great adventure with each other while their feelings continue to grow. Usually with Lindsey books, the female realizes she is in love with the man and at the end the fellow recognizes that he cannot live without her.

When I first read Lindsey, I thought her books were fresh and exciting (I was also 11). Lately I feel they have gotten stale. She uses the same format and I think she needs to branch out and try a different approach. I still like to read them, but her last few novels just seem the same to me. But I’m not really reading them for their literary value. I read romance novels for the escapism and the emotions they invoke in me. Whenever I’m feeling lonely or depressed, I know I can pick up a romance book and relive the fairytale notion that there is a Prince Charming out there for all of us.

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