Friday, February 29, 2008

"Ooooohhh Shit!" Vegas Recap!

I had a blasty blast in Vegas. The girls and I partied our asses off. We done did Vegas proud. That’s what I love about Vegas, you do shit there that you would never do anywhere else. Such as drinking until the wee hours of the morning, molesting innocent statues, getting on stage at a strip show, and bringing a boy back to your room. Can you guess which one I did? :)

Since the majority of the trip was R rated, and this is a PG-13 blog, I’ll give you lovely reader, some of the highlights:

  • Went to see the hot Aussies from Thunder from Down Under. Man were they yummy. All of us were in heat, drooling over these men. One of the lucky ladies got on stage and had to perform an act to win a prize! And win she did; she had the entire audience screaming for her! It was silly.
  • We almost had a celebrity sighting. We were at this club and the DJ stopped the music and yelled, “It’s time we played some Ja Rule!” The crowd went silent and everyone started booing. Out pops Ja Rule and he’s like, “Aww, Vegas, that’s fucked up. That’s fucked up Vegas!” I’m like, oh shit, that’s Ja Rule. Too funny.

That's Ja Rule!

  • One of the ladies lost her wallet in the cab and I thought for sure the trip was going to take a downward spiral from there, but luckily the cab driver was nice and turned her wallet in. We proceeded to drink to celebrate the return of the wallet.

  • Another Hot Mama, had a boy of a puppy dog follow her around all weekend. It was really cute. He was a smitten kitten. He probably would’ve followed her home if he could.

  • Since there were technically three birthday girls, one of the b-day girls got tongue raped. Random dude at bar bought us bitches a round of shots. Random dude also asked a lady if it was her birthday. Silly girl nodded and he proceeded to attack her with his lips and tongue. The rest of the bitches cheered them on! The look on her face was priceless.

  • Another bitch got freaky with a hot ass guy in the hotel room. He was yummy and three of us ho’s wanted to attack him. One whore even suggested sharing him. In the end only one girl got the man, and use and abused she did.
Vegas was exactly what I needed! It was a great way to celebrate my birthday and a great time had by all. I have to thank Kiah for setting this up. It was so good to see her and Stacy. I loved hanging out with the rest of the bitches as well. Looking forward to all the debacles next year!


Bernie said...

Happy Birthday, Kim. Looks like you had fuuuuuuuunnnnn! Good to see Kiah in the shots too. Miss you both.

KJ said...

shit... you totally beat me to the punch... oh well.