Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random, Random, Random

This meme has been making it rounds on Facebook, 25 Random things about you. Instead of posting it on there, I will post it on here.

1) I’m a private person, which is funny because I have a blog that chronicles my life and feelings, but there are only a handful of people who read my blog that actually know me in real life. BFE doesn’t even have a link to this blog and randomly she’ll ask me for it, and I never send it to her. I’m funny like that.

2) Despite being such a pessimist, I’m a closet romantic. I believe in Prince Charming and Happily Ever After, although I believe I’ll be the one to rescue him. I believe in love at first sight and soul mates. I don’t believe in “You complete me,” but I do believe in building a life with someone.

3) I have a weird thing about numbers. I prefer even numbers or multiples of five. I like things to be in pairs.

4) I like to read aloud to Weasley. Yes, I understand that he’s a cat, but I read somewhere that animals enjoy the sound of our voices and I just like to read aloud. I won’t read aloud to him trashy romance novels because I don’t think that’s appropriate for his ears.

5) I miss having a dog, but do not have the time for one. I need to either move to a house with a yard or have a live-in boyfriend. The live-in boyfriend will walk the dog when its cold, raining or snowing or the dog will walk itself in the back yard during these scenarios.

6) I’m normally bitchy three weeks out of four, but whenever I get my monthly friend, I’m in the best of moods. Life couldn’t be better during that week; everything is all sunshine and butterflies. But once that week is over, lookout because I’m back to being a moody bitch.

7) My new hobby is to drink a glass of wine while taking a bath. Its so relaxing and I get tipsy fast from the heat of the water.

8) When I fall in love, I fall hard and fast. This sometimes causes me to stay with a person longer than I should or overlook some faults. But once I make up my mind that I’m no longer in love with you, you will never be able to get back into my heart. I’ll never be able to look at you in the same way, and while I may still be friends with you, I will never go back to you.

9) My mind is constantly thinking and I over analyze everything. This keeps me up at night as I worry about things I cannot possibly control, so I resort to taking sleeping pills or working out in hopes that my body will be so tired, I just pass out at night. Recently neither has been working.

10) I’m addicted to the Real Housewives Series on Bravo. I started watching re-runs of Atlanta and now watch the others. The Atlanta Housewives are by far my favorite and cannot wait for season 2.

11) I have a strong sense of smell (that sounds funny) and can pick up odors that other people can’t. I hate the smell of burnt toast (it makes me gag) and every week someone burns toast in my office and I have to step away from my desk.

12) Growing up I was the biggest tomboy. I hated wearing dresses and skirts and preferred wearing sweatpants. I loved playing with the big boys and wasn’t afraid of getting dirty or hurt. I’m not sure what age I transitioned into a girly girl, although I still don’t consider myself a girly girl.

13) I love getting massages and if I could I would get one every day.

14) I don’t watch the news and barely read CNN. I have no idea what is going on in the world; I don’t even know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. Its kinda sad, but at the same time freeing.

15) I love Jeff Smokers.

16) I cannot function in the mornings without coffee. My coworkers know not to talk to me until I have finished my coffee or else I will bite their heads off.

17) I would love to live overseas one day. Maybe London, Paris, or even Bangkok. I’ve never been truly on my own, without my parents being a 20-minute drive away. I think it would be good for me.

18) Adopting Weasley has been one of my best decisions ever. He brings me so much comfort and joy. I smile whenever I think or look at him. I cannot imagine my life without him and wonder what I did before him.

19) Getting DVR is the second best decision in my life. I think it has made my ADD even worse. I hate watching live tv now and hardly ever do it, except for sports.

20) Twenty years from now, when NSYNC goes on their reunion tour, I will be in the front row, getting ready to toss my panties on stage!

21) I think all men should know how to drive stick shift. I find it highly unattractive when a guy doesn’t know how to.

22) When I was 11 I had a spiral perm. God knows why I wanted one. Looking at pictures with my hair like that, I cringe. My hair has never recovered from it. Sometimes Mothers are right. I should have never done it.

23) I’m never happy or satisfied. I’m always wanting more. I’m not sure what its gonna take to make me truly content with my life.

24) I no longer wear a watch. I used to be so consumed about time and the minutes left in the hour and the seconds left in the minute that I could never enjoy the moment. I’m still slightly time obsessed, but it doesn’t drive me crazy like it used to.

25) I want nothing and everything.

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KJ said...

ahahaha... you love Jeff Smokers. Kim, I heart you. LOL... :o)